Going back to the inaugural launch of Apple, Inc.’s very first production model, the “out of the box” fully assembled motherboard christen the Apple I – sold for $666.66 by order through The Byte Shop in San Mateo in July, 1976.

Creators, the late Steve Jobs and Woz (Steve Wozniak) built 50 units in Jobs’ bedroom, soldering approximately 60 chips and installing three condensers onto a bare circuit board.  The blue cylinder condensers were the size of Cherry Bombs.

You truly have to be a bona fide microcomputer geek back then, given that to make the rudimentary Apple I operate, required extensive knowledge of incorporating the expansion cards for the keyboard, monitor and most importantly a cassette player to run the “saved on cassette tape” operating program.  An improvement on The Altair, complete with an Intel 8-bit 8080 processor and 256 bytes of RAM, was a DIY kit that retailed for $439, unassembled.

The Apple I was a bootstrapping game changer; part of the motherboard and programming assembling enthusiasts that formed the Homebrew Computer Club, evolving into the Silicon Valley. 

In a similar vein we’ve embarked on a huge undertaking: retooling and assembling out of the traditional complexities of calculus equations, financial analysis models and market analysis theories, what is emerging is similar to the type of rudimentary “motherboard” built on an Excel spreadsheet. 

The circuit board  (excel spreadsheet) is a calibration of interlinking statistical modules (mother’s children). 

Our “motherboard” model, incorporates an adaptive agent (Father), or “floating point” similar to BASIC programming language, inspired by Apple’s “floating point” binary code operating system program language.

Mother is so named because “she” gives birth to trading signals;  Still in the alpha stage, but soon to move toward beta as the trading signals continue to prove robust.  Today, our Long position on the AAPL Call Option  had a take profit price point of 2.46 and was hit today.  The strike price was 92.14  on the July (14).  Our entry price was 1.32 on Thursday,  June 26th.

Here is a snapshot of “Mother Knows” on YouTube with our AAPL Call Option Trade setup.

On our mock up program is currently an “app” we call “Father”.  It is a streamlined version of Mother.



“Skokie The Skew”


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